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Company Questions

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Can I integrate Deskarma into my existing social platform?

Yes; Deskarma offers an API product that allows you to enhance existing intranets and platforms. We are happy to work with what you have already invested lots of time and money into.

How much does Deskarma cost?

If you contact us we can tell you in no time at all.

Is Deskarma available as a standalone web application?

Sure is, ask for the latest details.

Why should I use Deskarma (versus other Collaborative Tools – SharePoint, SocialText, NewsGator)?

Deskarma focusses on motivating staff to share; if you foresee trouble in getting employees to engage and collaborate, we have just the thing.

How is Deskarma deployed?

With style. Tell us what you have and we'll find a way.

Can you help with my knowledge management strategy?

Yes, we leverage lessons learnt on a consultancy basis.

Do I need to replace my existing systems (e.g. SharePoint)?

Not unless you want to, many of these platforms handle file depository management extremely well. Our view is that they need a little spicing up.

Existing User Questions

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How do I use 'feature xyz'?

Almost every Deskarma integration is unique, so it's tricky to answer that one. Please contact your internal IT support and they will (should) know the answer.

I am a user and have an issue with my Deskarma account, can you help ?

Please report the issue to your company's IT support and we'll help them resolve it if appropriate. We do not offer user support directly.

I see Deskarma has capability that isn't available on our company's version... how do I get it ?

Tell your IT Manager that Deskarma has some new features that your company isn't using; when we hear from them we'll make it happen.

Other Questions

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Are you hiring?

If you contact us and share a few facts about yourself, we'll be in touch.

I'm a competitor and am just having a poke around, what else can you tell me?

We're not as secretive as you might think; often we work with businesses some would consider competitors. Drop us a line via the contact us page and we'll set up a call.