Deskarma Overview

A web application, an API and knowledge sharing consultancy

What does Deskarma offer?

Deskarma provides a knowledge sharing solution along with guidance on how to motivate knowledge sharing within your company. Deskarma works either as a standalone application or to "supercharge" your existing collaboration software.

Why do staff use it?

Staff earn a form of social currency ("Karma" (?)) by sharing and discussing great IP with their colleagues; case studies, insights, ideas, pitches and more. Great people and useful content rise to prominence via a series of leaderboards, ensuring proactive staff are recognised, remain motivated and collaborate.

How can businesses implement it?

Deskarma's solutions can be consumed via it's API or via a web application. Deskarma can be integrated as part of a company's wider collaboration plans, often alongside custom Sharepoint solutions.

Who integrates it?

Deskarma has a trusted integration partner and change management partner in each country, or you can buy it directly from Deskarma.

Three things we don't do:

  • Try to entirely replace your existing collaboration software, eg SharePoint
  • Pretend that getting your staff to share knowledge is "quick and easy" or claim that collaboration is solved the day you buy a social platform
  • Force you to consume our product via the cloud when you have security-related restrictions on where your data can live

Futher questions?

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